Industrial Blower Fan Repair & Maintenance

Our experienced technicians recondition fan housings, wheels, shafts, bearings and other components. We repair fan wheels of all types and sizes with exotic materials including steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys and aluminum.

Our fully equipped industrial fan repair facility is stocked with quality parts and materials to ensure fast, reliable service. Restored fan wheels are balanced with a digital vibration analyzer/dynamic balancer.

For blower motors, it is good practice to routinely monitor:

● Bearing and Lubricant Condition● Shaft Seal Condition● Replace Filters● Air Flow


Scheduled Predictive Maintenance

we’re helping all commercial and industrial plant to reduce fan downtime and replacement costs by providing predictive maintenance service. Our technicians utilize specialized analyzers to collect fan performance data which are used to predict potential future operational problems. This scheduled industrial fan repair predictive maintenance service insures uninterrupted systems operation.