Industrial Gearbox Repair Services

Gearboxes sent for repairs undergo a thorough evaluation and service to ensure they work well when returned to their positions in machinery. Commonly inspected and replaced parts include those that wear out quickly through normal use. Gaskets, o-rings, oil seals on shaft ends, other seals and bearings fall into this category.

Hardware may also fail during use. Repairs always include examination and replacement of damaged bolts, washers, fasteners and screws. The gears undergo a thorough inspection, during which technicians look for broken teeth, wear or backlash. Any damaged components undergo repairs or replacement to restore the gearbox’s operation.

Lastly, the gearbox undergoes testing at a known RPM. This test also ensures the gearbox works to correctly change the gear ratio. Any issues require additional inspections and repairs.

Our services include

  • Service contracts
  • Condition analysis/monitoring and preventive maintenance by help of endoscopy, vibration analysis and thermography.
  • Laser alignment
  • Overhauls
  • Modernizations and replacements
  • Assembly of gear services
  • Measurement bearing seat tolerance