What is a impeller unbalance?

Unbalance or imbalance is the uneven distribution of mass around an axis of rotation.  When this occurs, the center of mass (principle axis) of a rotating object does not coincide with the center of rotation (spin axis).  When performed, on-site balancing corrects this error and reduces the effects of rotational speed vibration.

Some Causes of Unbalance Include:

  • Unsuitable manufacturing tolerances
  • Poor control in machining processes
  • Incorrect assembly of components
  • Poor material uniformity
  • Buildup of debris on rotor
  • Wear on rotating surfaces or blades
  • Broken, damaged or missing blades
  • Improper, or No balancing specifications


The Advantages of Dynamic Balancing

  • Enable The correction of imbalance in rotating equipment
  • Eliminate the need to dismantle and reassemble plant equipment
  • Reduce downtime, labour and material costs
  • Reduce overall vibration of the system
  • Improve product quality
  • Reduce The possibility of catastrophic failures
  • Improve safety


Prevention against high vibrations

We recommend performing regular service vibration diagnostics of each fan at least once a year. We will be glad if you contact us.