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Breakdowns often happen without warning. The challenge is to spot the signs early enough to plan and schedule repairs. Predictive maintenance provides a solution for these.


Predictive Maintenance (PdM)/ Condition Based Monitoring (CBM)


Do you know if your equipment will run tomorrow? Early detection helps in a planned and efficient repair response.


CeeDey Predictive Maintenance (PdM) / Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) services allow you to know precisely what repairs are required and when servicing is necessary for your equipment. Unplanned downtime is virtually reduced from daily operation. This means increased equipment availability, improved maintenance planning, reduced maintenance labour and reduced material cost. Thus, it is more efficient and effective. We can also assist to develop repair plans and provide recommendations.


Advantages of predictive maintenance

When predictive maintenance is working effectively as a maintenance strategy, maintenance is only performed on machines when it is required. That is, just before failure is likely to occur. This brings several cost savings:

  • Minimizing the downtime when equipment is being maintained
  • Minimizing the production hours lost to maintenance
  • Minimizing the cost of spare parts and supplies
  • Ensure assets are available at all times and in optimal working condition
  • Prolong the life expectancy of assets to reduce high turnover rates that can be costly to a business’ bottom-line